14k Facebook Fan Giveaway

We were so excited when we saw that we went over the 13k Facebook Fan mark!  So we decided to do a giveaway!!  Then in the mean time....we went over 14k!! Wow, y'all...you are awesome!!!  To celebrate, we are having a giveaway!!

What are we giving away? 5 lucky mamas will get to pick out their favorite teething/nursing necklace out of our shop!!!  Yay!!!

We have created a lot of ways you can gain entries...some every day while the giveaway is open!  Woot-woot!  We will pick our 5 winners on 4/14 and will email them & announce it on Facebook!  Open to domestic & international fans!!

Good luck!!!

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Think Green

Green is the color of the season!  Who is excited for Spring...oh gosh, we are!  We are so over this Winter!  We can't wait for the green grass, the budding trees & for the flowers to sprout!  Can we get an 'amen'?!?!

We wanted to share with you some of our favorite green shop items that we have handmade...

// photo credit: d.i.a.Images of Ft.Wayne //

Um, yes...we do make some pretty awesome cupcake toppers too!  What? You only thought we made necklaces? ;)

 // photo credit: Erin Bremer Photography //

// photo credit: Eternal Treasures Photography //

Make sure you check out our entire line of product in our shop....



Our Packaging

When you opened up your package from us, how did you {feel}

Feel? Why do we ask this? Because to us, the packaging is just as important as our awesome products!  When a new mama opens up her new Vintage Honey necklace or nursing scarf, we want her to {feel}...happy! 

OK mamas, when you are pregnant and after you get that sweet baby home, you know that all you are thinking about is your that new arrival!  All your time, energy, planning & love goes towards baby!  And we love it!  When the gifts start pouring it, they all go towards your new lil one! New sleepers & diapers, soft blankets & lovies, and sweet lil keepsakes for baby!  Everyone is so excited to celebrate the newest addition to your life!

We know how hard (and what a joy & blessing!) it is to have a new baby at home.  You are tired....no, exhausted!  You are wearing the same thing that you went to bed in, your hair is a mess & you probably forgot to brush your teeth (hey, we are being honest)!  Who cares, your baby doesn't seem to to mind!  Then one late night, you decided to order one of our necklaces.  Maybe because your lil one is teething...hard!  You have tried everything, maybe this will work...you will try ANYTHING! Or maybe you are nursing your lil one and she is scratching/pinching/pulling you.  You heard about our necklaces & how they help distract nurslings...letting them grab & play with your necklace while you nurse them.  You got your necklace for baby in mind.

The mail carrier comes.  You see your package.  Then you open it.

Oh my goodness....it's so pretty...it looks like a present...for ME!!!

YES!!!! {insert fist pumps & high fives from us}  We did our job!!!

Mama....this necklace is for YOU!!! Yes, baby will benefit...but this is YOUR necklace.  You may have bought this necklace yourself, but we want it to {feel} like you are receiving a gift!  We want you to SMILE!  For the next few minutes while you open up your necklaces or scarf, we want you to {feel} HAPPY...it is all about you mama, you deserve it!  When you wear your necklace, we want you to {feel} beautiful!  You are a smart mama, you are wearing something stylish for you, but so functional that baby can use it too!

{the ingredients that go into your sweet lil honey}

THIS is why we hand wrap every order!  Every necklace comes with an info card on our necklaces, a business card (with a coupon code!!) & a sweet tag attached to each necklace.  It is hand wrapped in eco-friendly tissue paper with one of the prettiest paper doilies you will ever see (you squealed when you saw it? Well, we seriously squeal every time we put it on an order! A lot of happiness is wrapped into every necklace)!  It is tied together with yellow & cream bakers twine & then we add an hand punched & stamped tag to it (with a 'to & from' stamped on the back, just in case you bought it as a gift)! 

Our necklaces are ready to give as a gift!  No wrapping necessary! We can send this gift directly to the new mama, just give us a heads up at checkout and we will even fill out the to/from tag for you!  No invoice is ever sent with an order!

We want opening one of our necklace to be...an experience! We want every mama to {feel}  happy when opening a package from The Vintage Honey Shop!


10k Facebook Fans Giveaway

Oh my goodness...10,000+ Facebook Fans?!?!  Our goal for 2013 was to reach 5k FB fans by the end of this year...y'all just doubled our goal!!! THANK YOU!!!  Seriously, thank you!!  You have been such a blessing to us & our families!  We really have the sweetest & loyal fans!

You have blessed us so much, that we want to bless y'all right back!!! So we are giving away 8 necklaces from our shop!  3 teething ring necklaces & 5 regular teething/nursing necklaces!!  8 winners total & each will win one necklaces!!  We are making this giveaway easy & are giving y'all many ways to enter!  You can even enter daily just by sharing our giveaway with your friends on either Facebook or Twitter!  Just by doing that alone gets you 3 entries a day!! So you could really rack up the entries, increasing your chances of winning! :)

The giveaway will end 12/19 & the winners will be emailed within 48 hours of the giveaway ending.  Once we email the winners, they will have 48 hours to respond back to us or their prize will be forfeited.  No exceptions!  This giveaway is open to everyone, domestic & internationally! Yea!!

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