{Meet} Melissa & Jennifer

Ever wonder who was behind the scissors & sewing machine at The Vintage Honey Shop?  Ever wanted to know more about Jennifer & Melissa?  Well...sit back...cause it is time to get to know us better!!

{Melissa & Jennifer}

Melissa & Jennifer not only run The Vintage Honey Shop, but they are {BFF}'s AND Sister-n-law's!  We married brothers!  We get to be besties, but also family!  How great is that!  We are both from Lorain, Ohio, but relocated to Nashville, TN.  Melissa came first...and Jennifer followed...you can't keep besties apart!!

{Meet} Jennifer

Jennifer is the face behind the sewing machine!  She deals with everything fabric in our shop!  If it has thread in it....Jennifer has made it!  She just started sewing in 2010, before that she was a paper addict!  Scrapbooking & paper crafting.  Since meeting her new love (her sewing machine), she spends most of her time sewing, but still does plenty of paper crafting! Jennifer is the wife to her high school sweetie, Joe.  Her hubby is in administration for their local school district.  They have {3} boys together...no pink for them!  Jennifer is a SAHM to the boys & home schools her oldest boy while keeping her 3 & 1 year old busy!  Jennifer is also the writer to the blog, "Simply Jenna". 

{Meet} Melissa

Melissa (aka, Missy), is the face behind the paper & glue!  Melissa has an amazing eye for paper & design!  She has gotten a lot of miles out of her Cricut machine & ATG gun (an adhesive for paper)!!!  She is a full time SAHM during the week & a full time RN by weekend.  Melissa is a critical care nurse for a local hospital in Nashville.  Between running around after her lil girl & boy and taking them to all their after school events...she still finds time to craft!  Melissa is married to her high school sweetheart, Ernie, who is a law school student.  Melissa is the writer to the blog, "MisCdaisy's Musings"

We hope you have gotten to know us better!  If you ever have any questions about us or our shop, just buzz an email to us!

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