Hostage Takeover - The Vintage Honey Shop
April 13, 2016

Hostage Takeover

We can't even believe that the words 'hostage take over' and 'ransom' are coming out of our lips.  This has to be a bad dream spawned from watching too many Liam Neeson movies.  But it is true...our shop Facebook Page was taken over by hackers who are demanding we pay up.  They are ransoming our page admin access, which they removed from us.  We have gone 48 hours without access to our page.  We have contacted Facebook numerous times but have not heard back from them.  

We contacted our local news station here in Nashville in hope that this will get Facebook's attention.  Click HERE to see our story.

In the mean time do NOT interact with our Facebook page until further notice.  Once we regain access again, we will let y'all know.  

We apologize from the bottoms of our broken hearts about the things these hackers have been posting in our name.  Thank you for sticking by us & being loyal to our business!

xoxo, Jen + Mel