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May 16, 2016

20 LOL Confessions From Sleep Deprived Moms

If you're finding the milk in the kitchen cabinet and the dirty laundry neatly folded and ready to be put away... congrats you qualify for our club! Sleep deprived moms can pull some pretty crazy flops. We asked our Honey Mamas the funniest things they have  ever done...

  1. I drove away with my phone on top of my car. Not once but twice in one week.

  2. Woke up & started panicking because I couldn't find my girls, remembered they spent the night at grandma's about 10 minutes later.
  3. Was driving to a playdate and had to turn around to go back to the house to get my boobs. Yes, I thought I forgot my boobs at home so I couldn't breastfeed while out. It wasn't until I was pulling into the drive that I realized I can't forget my boobs, they're always with me
  4.  I woke up to my husband putting our baby back in her bassinet, and looked to his spot on the bed, looked back at him and said "where's Andrew?" I was talking to him! Who did I think I was talking to??
  5. I finished cleaning the kitchen and was going to take a quick nap but couldn't find my daughter. I looked EVERYWHERE...except my back. I was wearing my sleeping daughter on my back.
  6. Dropped the baby off at the babysitter with bottles and no milk..after I took the milk back I went on to file our taxes...I get there only to find I have brought them all of my bills instead of my tax papers.
  7. I've folded an entire mountain of laundry only to realize as I was putting it away that they were still dirty!
  8. I placed my phone in the freezer...
  9. My hubby has a habit of picking up a pillow (thinking it's our youngest), rocking and changing the pillow. He then brings me the pillow to nurse, mind you I'm already nursing our kiddo. I'm glad he keeps me entertained at night.
  10. I carried my handbasket out of the grocery store and put it in my car with the grocery bags, like that was the thing to do!
  11. I was looking for my keys and while I was doing that my mom handed me hers so she could run to the bathroom. I finally found my keys and lost my mom's. Then I found hers only to forget were I had set mine down. They were in my pocket.
  12. Started a pot of much needed coffee... Except there was no pot. Left that bad boy in the sink. Similarly I started pumping and realized I had no bottles hooked up and had breastmilk all over!
  13. Asking my husband where the baby was after waking up only to realize he was asleep in my arms!!
  14. I thought I was doing great getting dinner in the crockpot before work so that my hubby would have dinner ready before his second job (since I wouldn't be home in time), and I forgot to put the lid on. THEN I go to share my wife/mom fail on Facebook and somehow didn't catch a typo... my phone put in crackpot instead of crockpot.
  15.  Looking for the baby, that I was nursing!
  16. Eating what I thought was a chip crumb only to realize I had forgotten that I scooped a flake of ear wax from my daughters ear. Ugh, yuck.
  17. Drove through Starbucks drive thru, waited in line for over 20 minutes. Forgot to order coffee. I just kept driving right past the box where you order. Got to the window like 'WHERE IS MY COFFEE?' Oooooohhh...
  18. On my second son's first doctors appointment after he was born the doctor opened up his diaper & found the lid to a tube of Vaseline! I was so embarrassed!!!
  19. Once put a dirty diaper in the dirty clothes hamper instead of the diaper holder, found it AFTER I washed the clothes.
  20. I've almost put the milk in the cabinet.... And I (multiple times) get up with my boobs out not realizing my nursing bra isn't snapped back up!

We just love these confessions! It's nice to know other mamas are walking around just as sleep deprived. And if your not a member of our Honey Mama's Fan Page on Facebook well come on over! The group is dedicated to all mamas. We simply hang out, get to know each other, share styling tips, and post LOTS of babywearing selfies. Oh plus we like to share the inside scoop on sales and restock alerts!