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April 05, 2017

17 Fabulous Baby Products for 2017

Choosing the right baby products can be overwhelming. I remember feeling panicked roaming the aisles of Babies R Us when I was pregnant with my first wondering what all my baby would need and what would make my life easier as a new Mom. I ended up over-buying and we didn’t even use some of the products. It was very frustrating.


When I found out I was pregnant for the second time I started to take inventory of the baby items I had. I'm usually a fairly frugal person and I'm all for re-using items. I figured I was all set for baby items. Then I really thought about what I liked and disliked about the products I used with my oldest. I realized that I bought a lot of items without doing much research. After being a Mom for a couple of years (and talking to countless other Moms) I had a better idea of what I needed.



Here are my favorite baby products for 2017:


1. A Better Nursing Cover

The cover I used with my oldest didn’t really do much in terms of giving me privacy when nursing in public. It meant that I didn’t want to nurse in public because I didn’t want to struggle with the cover. This time, I got a poncho-style nursing cover which is easy to use and keeps me comfortable.


2. Milkies Milk Savers

I really hate leaking milk. I don’t like feeling soggy or wearing damp clothes and it just makes me feel like a hot mess. I didn’t even think about the fact that I was wasting precious milk until I found Milk Savers. You insert it in your bra of the side you’re not nursing on and it catches the milk that’s released during your let-down. Then, you can put it in a bottle and save it for later. The extra bonus is that it kept me from leaking milk so I’m nice a dry!


3. Somewhere Safe to Put the Baby

Since we had a toddler at home, it wasn’t always a good idea to leave our baby on the floor for fear that my toddler might try to jump over him or pick him up. I’ve been really impressed with the different types of baby nests available. We have both the Snuggle Me Organic and the DockATot and they have been so helpful for keeping our baby happy and safe. Plus we bring one with us when visiting family or traveling because then we have a clean spot for the baby where ever we go.


4. A Versatile Changing Pad

Babies squirm and they put their hands places they shouldn’t during eventful diaper changes. This time we got a SnoofyBee changing pad that velcros the top half the the baby away from the bottom. There’s even a place to attach toys to it. I love that my son can keep his hands clean. Plus the pad is easily wiped down after messy changes.


5. A More Functional Diaper Bag

Like most first-time Moms, I picked my first diaper bag based on what I thought was cute and would make me look like an adorable new Mommy. It ended up feeling heavy and didn’t have enough room for the items I wanted to pack on a daily basis. This time around, I found a larger bag that has pockets for everything! I feel so much more organized and it’s large enough that I can use it as a carry-on when traveling.


6. An Adjustable Baby Carrier

When my oldest was a newborn, I had a baby carrier that wasn’t really adjustable. I worried a bit about if I was doing it right. This time, I decided to try a woven wrap. I met with a babywearing educator who taught me how to wrap. I tried it when my youngest was just a few days old and it was so comfortable for both of us! I was even able to teach my husband and it’s now his favorite carrier. I like that we can also use it on our 3-year-old because it’s one-size-fits-all.


7. A Sturdier Nursing Pillow

You know how you like a product until you find a better one? I had no idea that my old nursing pillow was too soft and that’s why my back always hurt. I tried a different brand that was much firmer and it’s been infinitely more comfortable! It holds my 16lb baby without sagging and keeps him at the right height. I wish I would have tried it with my oldest!


8. Thicker Sleep Sacks

I’ve been lucky enough to test out lots of swaddlers and sleep sacks and I have to say that my son really loves the thicker ones. My husband and I are smitten with the bamboo duvet sleep sacks from Gunapod. It’s not only super soft but my son stays warm all night long. Plus there’s a zipper that goes around the sack so we can change his diaper while he’s wearing the sack.


9. A Sound Machine

My oldest was a pretty solid sleeper, but I was always whispering anywhere in the house when he was sleeping. Now that we have 2 kids, I realize that I spend a lot of time trying to keep everyone quiet for fear of waking someone. That’s when it dawned on me that a sound machine would really help! We actually use it in our toddler’s room so he won’t hear our baby. And we take it with us traveling to mask the unfamiliar noises.


10. A Softer Bathtub

Like most Moms, I got one of those plastic whale tubs with my oldest. He hated bath time and would squirm around and hit himself on the hard sides of the tub. Plus, I had to use it in our bath tub, so I’d end up sitting in our tub so I could reach him. This time, I got a Puj tub that fits in our sink. It’s made of foam and lays flat for easy storage. It’s also really flexible so my baby can move around without hurting himself.


11. Kangaroo Care Shirt

My oldest son was a NICU baby and I saw the power of skin-to-skin care firsthand. I knew instantly that I would do skin-to-skin as much as possible with any kids I may have. There are several companies who make babywearing shirts. It’s so easy to do kangaroo care with them, even if you need to multi-task.


12. An Easy Nursing Necklace

Nursing necklaces are not all the same. I learned that the hard way with my oldest. I got one that pulled the little hairs on the back of my neck and it was more painful to wear the necklace than it was to deal with my son pinching my skin. Now, I use fabric-covered nursing necklaces that are much more comfortable for me and my youngest loves playing with it. It’s been a good distraction and I hope it will allow me to nurse longer than I did with my first.


13. Attachable Teething Toys

Call me naïve, but I didn’t realize that my oldest would drop every single toy on the dirtiest floors I’ve ever seen. This time, I’m strictly using toys that I can attach to the cars eat, baby carrier, stroller, etc. One of my favorites right now are Chewbeads GO Links because they are teethers themselves, plus I can attach toys to them and link them to laundry baskets, the activity gym, the jumparoo, etc.


14. Absorbent Drool Bibs

I didn’t understand the purpose of drool bibs with my oldest. He had so many cute outfits that I just changed his clothes a lot. But, his onesies were always wet and his chest would get red. This time, I stocked up on the bandana bibs. While there are a lot of companies making bandana style bibs, the layer of fleece on the back of Matimati bibs really sets them apart. They truly keep clothes dry, even if your baby drools or spits up a lot. Plus, they look trendy and who doesn’t want a trendy baby?


15. Gadgets for Colds

There are few things worse than hearing a little baby cough or gasp for air. When your little one gets their first cold, you will feel so helpless. We rely heavily on our Nosefrida and our Oogiebear to help both our kids breathe. They are easy to use and our kids don’t seem bothered by them. They actually seem more relieved, which makes everyone a bit more relieved.


16. Cozy Blankets

My oldest was lucky enough to have many blankets specially made for him. He uses them every day. That’s when I realized how important blankets can be in helping kids feel safe and secure. For my youngest, I discovered Tula blankets and they are so incredibly soft! My baby actually smiles and grabs the blanket when I put it in the swing or car seat. They seem to comfort him instantly and I’m really happy to have found something to soothe him.


17. Nicer Nursing Clothes
I know this isn’t technically a baby item, but I’m including it in this list. I didn’t really see the point of nursing clothes with my oldest. I wore a lot of nursing camisoles with regular shirts on top and called it good. However, this time I invested in a nursing dress, some nursing shirts and (most importantly) nursing sweatshirts. They are so much easier to nurse in and I honestly don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner.


These are just my top 17 products of 2017, so far. I’m excited to see what other new products I will discover later this year!



Marcie Cheung
Marcie in Mommyland