Unique Baby Shower Gift - The Vintage Honey Shop
June 01, 2015

Unique Baby Shower Gift


If you are like us, everyone time you turn around someone is having another baby!  We are beginning to wonder what is in the water!!!  We had more baby shower invites this year than a few years combined...yeah, there HAS to be something in the water! ;) Sometimes when you go to a baby shower, you see the same kind of gifts over and over.  You want to give a unique but practical gift to the mother-to-be....something that everyone will 'Ooooo & Ahhhh' over.  Giving a necklace from The Vintage Honey Shop fits all of that criteria! 



As you know, every order comes hand wrapped & ready to give!  It is wrapped with gray tissue paper & a beautiful french pressed paper doily....all tied together with bakers twine and a handmade tag! Each tag comes with a removable bee pin & is handstamped with 'to/from' on the back! You do not even need to buy a card! We never include an invoice, so mom will never know what a steal you got on such a beautiful piece of handcrafted jewelry!  The necklace will include information on the necklace (just in case this is the first time she has ever heard on a teething/nursing necklace) & a business card with a 10% off coupon code for her next order!



Giving the gift of a teething & nursing necklace is very special.  Almost every gift mom will open up at her baby shower will be a gift for her new baby.  But the necklace you gift...that will be for her!  Growing a baby for nine months is hard work!  And as you know, it is hard to be a brand new mom adjusting to the lack of sleep & new body....being able to put on a beautiful piece of jewelry can just make you feel like you are putting on the appearance of being put together (and hoping no one notices the fresh puke spots on your shirt or the bags under your eyes)!



What is great about our necklaces is that they are made for mom....but they are so functional for baby too! Baby can hold onto the necklace while feeding or teethe on it to soothe those sore gums.  By giving a necklace from The Vintage Honey Shop, you are spoiling both mama + baby! For you next baby shower, consider gifting a new-to-be-mama with a necklace from The Vintage Honey Shop!