July 18, 2017

50 Family Fun Summer Activities

  1. Make s'mores
  2. Blow bubbles
  3. Make chalk paint {equal parts cornstartch and water plus food coloring}
  4. Run through the sprinklers
  5. Have a picnic
  6. Make popsicles
  7. Play hopscotch
  8. Take a bike ride {don't forget the helmets!}
  9. Have a backyard camp out
  10. Go berry picking
  11. Make ice cream
  12. Catch bugs
  13. Go on a hike
  14. Make daisy chains
  15. Play at a park
  16. Make a bird feeder {pinecone + peanut butter + bird seed}
  17. Use that kiddie pool and have a pool party
  18. Play shadow tag
  19. Plant a hummingbird garden
  20. Go geocaching
  21. Stargaze
  22. Play flashlight tag at night
  23. Go bird watching
  24. Collect shells from the beach
  25. Make a tic-tac-toe game from found objects {rocks/shells/acorns, etc.}
  26. Tie-dye a tee shirt
  27. Have a movie night
  28. Discover a Children's Museum
  29. Have a water balloon fight
  30. Make fruit smoothies
  31. Visit a Farmer's Market
  32. Participate in a Summer Reading Challenge at a local library
  33. Fly a kite
  34. Make lemonade
  35. Build a sand castle
  36. Cloud watch
  37. Build a pillow fort
  38. Climb a tree
  39. Have a nature scavenger hunt
  40. Watch the sun set
  41. Go to the fair
  42. Jump rope
  43. Shoot some hoops
  44. Bake cookies
  45. Visit an Amusement Park
  46. Play board games
  47. Learn a card trick
  48. Make play dough
  49. Color and/or draw
  50. Skip rocks across a pond or lake

Enjoy what precious time is left of Summer!

 written by VHS contributor// Whitney Smith
Work it Mommy