The Top 10 PERFECT New Year’s Resolutions For Any Busy Mama! - The Vintage Honey Shop
January 06, 2016

The Top 10 PERFECT New Year’s Resolutions For Any Busy Mama!

-Brought to you by the mamas from The Vintage Honey Shop! 

  1. Resolve to better hide the smell of chocolate on your breath. Your kids don’t need to know everything!!!
  2. Resolve to find the perfect pair of jeans and then buy them 2 sizes up so you feel SKIN......EEE!!! 
  3. Resolve to embrace Old McDonalds Spa night. Can you relax in the bathtub with 20 lifelike miniature barnyard animals? Oh yes you can! 
  4. Resolve to take some pics and videos of your third child. When did he get here anyway?  
  5. Resolve to buy a lock for you bathroom door. Need I say more?
  6. Resolve to re wash the laundry you already washed sitting in your washer within 48 hours. Girl, you got this!
  7. Resolve to learn better selfie taking angles than your 2 yr old.  
  8. Resolve to double no triple the Five Second Rule. That's right you have a full 15 seconds to pick that bagel up off the floor and eat it!  
  9. Resolve to refuse to let Anna and Elsa intimidate you with their hair braiding techniques. You know they have a whole team of stylists!
  10. Resolve to rock your VH nursing + teething necklace!! 2016 is your year!!!