January 26, 2016

Going from 2 to 3 kids!

Having a baby changes your life, having two is a whole new story, how would you survive a third! I am blessed with three and I can say there are some minor adjustments to be had when going from two to three kids. Think about it- you're out numbered x3! No one gives you a survival guide when you head home with baby number three, by that time you're supposed to have this down pat anyway right? I promise even without a survival guide you will be just fine but here's some advice I can offer from my experience when going from 2 to three kids.
    1.  Don't cry over spilled milk. Or go ahead and give a good cry if you need to but just know the milk is going to spill and it might even have to sit there for a quick minute. Focus on your family and don't get hung up on the small things.
    2.  Stock the freezer. With two kids I still enjoyed and managed getting a nice meal on the dinner table, with three... not so much. That was probably my biggest struggle, between two little ones and a newborn getting a decent or even hot dinner together was mission impossible. So for those days when all h*^$ breaks loose at least have something to microwave!
    3.  Treat yourself. Seriously, this is the best advice I can give you! There's no question your going to get burnt out, at times you will likely feel like an extra from Walking Dead; a mindless, terrifying zombie. The only way to combat the horror is to schedule time for yourself. Call grandma or get a babysitter but do take time to get away. Go get a massage or see a matinée, your kids will be fine and they benefit from a happy and refreshed mama!  
    4.  Let it go. If you’re that super mama who has managed to juggle two kids, life and all other responsibilities with ease that’s great but there's no shame if you can't maintain the perfection you once had before. You will discover a new balance and it doesn’t need to be so pretty.
    5. You can't make everyone happy.  With cries and requests coming from all directions you can't necessarily make a PB&J WHILE turning on Doc Mc Stuffins WHILE changing a diaper now can you!  We all love to make our kids happy but it's going to be near impossible to keep three kids happy all at once and you know what.....that's OKAY!  

      That said a third kid means more fun, wonder, excitement and more love. Soon you won't be able to imagine life any other way! I've also heard that adding more after 3 is smooth sailing- that there's no added chaos.  I'm not so sure I can believe that one!