February 23, 2016

How to care for your baby's teeth!

That toothy grin isn't just adorable, those baby teeth have an important job to do and caring for your baby's teeth properly will even help to ensure healthy adult teeth! February is Children's Dental Health month and we've got some great tips and answers to questions you might have about caring for your baby's teeth! 

When to start brushing your baby's teeth? 

Even before your little one sprouts a pearly white you will want to take care of his gums to keep any bacteria away. Wet a clean washcloth and wipe down your baby's gums at least twice a day or even after every feeding. When your baby gets his first tooth you will want to introduce his first toothbrush! Choose a soft bristled toothbrush designed for infants, you will also want to find infant toothpaste that is safe for babies. 

When should your baby visit the dentist? 

Schedule baby's first visit between the arrival of her first tooth and her first birthday. At your baby's first visit the dentist will gently examine your baby's guns and teeth to look for any decay. Why go so early? It's important (and easier) to prevent problems before they arise and it's also good for your baby to become familiar with going to the dentist office. 

When will your baby begin to teeth? 

The process as each tooth emerges is called "teething". Your baby will likely begin to teeth around four to six months old. Teething can be painful for your baby as the tooth pushes through the gums and there are some do's and don'ts when you look to help your little one with some much needed relief. You might be tempted to use an over the counter topical pain reliever, don't (at least not without consulting your pediatrician)! The FDA warns against these products! There are much safer and natural solutions, you can simply use your finger to gently massage baby's gums or we suggest our nursing and teething necklaces! Teething babies will instinctively want to chew to relive sore gums, our teething jewelry is a great alternative to an amber teething necklace, we use organic wood beads covered with natural cotton that both mamas and baby's love. And our wood teething ring necklaces provide great counter pressure relief to baby's sore gums also.

Even though teething isn't any fun for your little one (and stressful on you) rest assured knowing your baby's is growing and developing normally! 

Smile, you've got this! Lets recap....