September 06, 2017

Baby Must Haves (3-6 months)

Joel is now 8 months! But I've rounded up a few must have items that kept baby and mama happy from month 3 through 6.


  1. Sophie Giraffe- He can literally chew on this ALL day long. We talk about Sophie like she’s a real person. When My Husband and I are looking for her, we are like " Where is Sophie at?!, Oh there you are, Sophie" lol. It's pretty funny!
  2. Nuby Squeak Rattle and Roll Plush Ball- This is his go-to car ride toy! This stays in our car and it entertains him from point A to point B, C and D
  3. Nuby Banana Teether- Whenever Joel is getting a bit fussy from teething, we give him this toy to chew on and he chews away. It has little bristles which clean and massage his sore gums.
  4. Evenflo Walker-This thing is a life saver. Whenever we are trying to get things done around the house, whether it's cooking, cleaning or a quick shower, we put Joel in the walker. From month 3 through 6, they do very little walking in it, but are very intrigued by the toys on the Walker. He'll sit in it for 30-60 minutes without complaining! What could you get done in 30 minutes?!
  5. Joovy Nook HighChair-Favorite high chair ever! First off, it's black and white! If you know me, you know I LOVE black and white. Next off its super slim when folded. So when it's not in use, you can fold it up, and put it away in almost any Nook. Other than the walker, Joel loves to sit in this while we're cooking!

Sleep time

  1. Lollipop Baby Monitor- hands down, best Baby Monitor ever. Read my in-depth review here!
  2. DockATot- This is a naptime must have. We make sure whenever Joel naps, he naps in his Dockatot. So whenever we are away from home for an extended period of time (family gatherings, or vacations) he always feels at home and has no trouble napping, because he's use to the comfort of his DockATot.
  3. Slumber Buddy- Another thing he sleeps with. Whenever we put him down for his nap, we turn on the light show, and play music for him. So no matter where we are at, he feels like he's at home. They have other animal designs, but we settled for the one that matches his room (Lime green)
  4. Nested Bean Sleep Sack- We put him in this every night (still, even at 8 months old). We don't feel very comfortable putting him to bed with a blanket, and we keep our house at 69 degrees at night, so having him in a sleep sack takes the worry out of bedtime. What's great about this particular sleep sack, is that it has a little weighted bean and on the chest, so it mimics the touch of mom or dad. Joel loves it!


  1. Freshly Picked Mocs- If he's not barefoot, he's in a fresh pair of moccasins. Whenever we drop him off at the gym daycare, the ladies go crazy over his Mocs.
  2. Moss & Marsh Pacifier Holder/Bandana Bib- literally the most functional thing we own. Stops the drooling from drenching his shirt and holds his pacifier! The back of the Bib is a terry cloth, so it’s a very soft material.
  3. Mam Pacifier- I wish I could say something cool about this pacifier, but it's LITERALLY the ONLY brand he'll take.
  4. Parasol Diapers- Our favorite organic brand! They come in cute prints, and they're not stiff. If you've ever tried any other organic brand diaper, you'll know that they are extremely stiff. Parasol diapers are not! It feels like a soft cotton cloth.

Well that’s all for my must have items for a 3-6 onth old baby. Stay Tuned for 6-9 months!

 written by VHS contributor// Aseky Bonnaire 
Aseky + The Boys