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February 17, 2018

First Signs To Teach Your Baby

With my first son, I rarely signed with him in the early months of life, but when he was around 18 months he was still non-verbal. I started learning ASL and baby sign language right away to teach him to communicate with us. With my second son I started right away, by 6 months he was signing milk and more! Here are the first ones that I thought were important to teach my kids.
1.     Milk – Open and close your hand like your squeezing an udder, or milking a cow.
2.     More – With your fingers touching on both hands, bring them together tapping the fingers together.
3.     All Done – Twisting your hands back and forth (palm out then back of your hand).
4.     Eat- Thumb and fingers together, like your making in eating mouthing and tapping your fingers to your mouth.
5.     Mom – Spread your fingers out on your hand like your giving a “high-five”. Tap your thumb on your child to sign “mom”.
6.     Dad – Just like signing “mom” except tapping your thumb on your forehead.
7.     Bath – With thumbs up on both hands, motion your hands up and down in front of your chest.
Signing photos credit to:
Britney Kaufman