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January 18, 2017

How to Master Pre & Post Mama Work Style

Let's face it, finding a great work wardrobe is hard. It's even harder when you're trying to dress both a pregnant and then post-pregnant body, not to mention how expensive it can be. Just don't do it. If you can actually find clothes that fit, you'll most likely won't fit them in a short while anyway so essentially, it's a waste of money. What I didn't know when I was a soon-to-be mama and wished that someone told me was that I really didn't have to spend that much, most of the time what you wear while you're pregnant is totally wearable afterwards as well (when you're working on getting your pre-pregnant body back).


Here are some great mama approved work looks that you could totally rock when you're still transitioning your wardrobe and body, no matter the job.

Photo: Little Blonde Book


Whether you're meeting clients for a meeting or attending a luncheon, this look is great and it's all about comfort. As a soon-to-be mama, we all want to feel good in our clothes and most of all be comfortable. Just because you're not pregnant anymore doesn't mean that you have to throw out your maternity clothes, use them while you still can. Learn to love your post-pregnant body, and wearing clothes that fit will help you with that!


This look is great because we have everything about this look in our closets already. From the stretchy grey top and skinny pants to the comfortable booties, this is what makes this outfit so easy to copy and perfect for transitioning. The stretchy top that was tight in your third trimester, will perfectly cover your fourth trimester tummy, while you're still trying to get back to your normal self. Polished off by the blazer and in all neutral tones (which look good on everyone by the way), this look is a must. 

Photo: How Does She


Office looks were definitely the hardest when I was pregnant. I wasn't the type of mama-to-be that wore super tight clothes that showed off my bump (even though it was super obvious and no offense to those who did/do), so I basically had to get creative. That's why this look is so great. No matter how much you grow while your pregnant and then shrunk afterwards, the shirt over the dress look is a great go to. The key to this look is finding a stretchy dress. It doesn't have to be a tight stretchy dress, just a comfortable dress and throw on a nice button-down shirt and there you go, office attire perfection.

Photo: Pink Peonies


I wished that I could try heels when I was pregnant with my little one but alas, my feet were too swollen very early on, but kudos to you all that could do it (you know who you are). Whether you work in fashion or marketing or maybe you just have a killer sense of style, this look is for you! This look has got to be the easiest look on this list because it revolves around a black dress. What's so great about it? We all have it in our closets already! This look works great for someone who's pregnant and just had a baby because it's not only stretchy but classic so it's 100% transitional for your after

baby body. The black dress will still show off your shape but also be comfortable, just add a fitted jacket and a pop of color and you're go to go!

Photo: Ella Brooks Blog


When I was pregnant I was very lucky because I worked at a very relaxed nonprofit in their art/marketing department and this was literally my outfit almost every single day (minus the hat). If your job dress code allows, this is the most fluid transitional look for mamas-to-be to mamas after baby. Everything about this look screams comfort

from the Birkenstocks all the way up to the long cardigan (without looking too relaxed for the office). This look is very forgiving and can either grow with you or shrink if need be. Even though I've lost most of my pregnant stomach, I still rock this look for time to time.

 Photo: One Little Momma


This look is for everyone's favorite day of the week, Casual Friday. Even though the office dress code might allow you to technically wear a t-shirt and jeans, you want to

be comfortable and professional at the same time. While I was still pregnant, it was easy to swap out a graphic tee for a stretchy, loose fitting top that served the same purpose. Even after you have your little one, that top will still look great with your maternity jeans (if you still wear them) or a pair of comfortable skinny jeans. To polish off your look, add some cute peep toe shoes and your look is complete.


Just remember, no matter your size or shape it's so important to love who you are! Dressing your new body after baby should be fun, don't get discouraged because your "old clothes" don't fit anymore. It takes time to get your body back (you were carrying another human for crying out loud) and you should embrace the new you because you are beautiful!


Written by VHS contributor// Allison Dandrea