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October 04, 2016

It's International Babywearing Week!! And a FREE printbale!

Can we get a woot woot for babywearers!! Some say it's the best seat in the house! Actually that's this years International Babywearing Week's theme. What is Babywearing you ask? It's simply the practice of keeping your baby close to your body, usually making use of a carrier or wrap. Babywearing promotes bonding + breastfeeding. It can even help lower the stress level of both mama and baby as babies feel more secure touching, hearing, and smelling their caregiver. Studies have showed babywearing can reduce crying up to 40-50%! Say what- you're running out to get a carrier now aren't you?!

Want to know what else goes great with babywearing? The Vintage Honey Shop's nursing and teething necklaces! Our necklaces are specially designed with babies in mind. They provide a focal point and give them something to play with and grab onto while being close to your heart. And they are a life saver during teething. Babywearing mamas CAN still accessorize and feel cute!! So beautiful + functional, take a look at all of the fabric and pattern options!


To celebrate and promote the benefits of babywearing we have an ahhh-dorable FREE printable for you!! If you've enjoyed this free printable can you let us know by pinning or sharing this post with your bff!!

 Carry on :)

Babywearing photos thanks to: @sssavvy @marebearmom @kozyandco @wearingrachel @crazydaisydukes @beeinspiredlifeblog @casamos