June 22, 2017

Minimalist Hospital Packing List

This being my third trip to the Labor and Delivery unit at our local hospital (which so happens to have been my place of birth, my husband’s and our siblings and two daughters!) I felt confident packing my bag this go around.

I call this my minimalist packing list as I don't bring "everything and the kitchen sink". I also don't plan on staying longer than a day (or any more than I have to!)

Nursing tank- more coverage and support than those hospital gowns.

Cozy cardigan- a robe or hoodie would work just as well.

Yoga/jogger pants- I forgo the hospital gown ASAP after delivery and found that it makes me so much more comfortable when I'm in my own clothes.

Grippy socks or slippers- no one wants to put their bare feet onto hospital floors (shudder).

Toiletries- toothbrush/paste, facial soap/lotion, shampoo/conditioner, deodorant (and extra points if they're travel-sized!) hair ties, lip balm

Baby wipes- so easy to use and dispose when changing those first sticky merconium diapers!

Going home outfit for you and baby- truth be told I usually stay in my post-birth uniform of nursing tank/yoga pants/cardigan but a maxi dress would be just as comfy! But Baby's going home outfit is a pretty big deal, am I right?

Boppy nursing pillow- this item could technically be left off and regular pillows used but the shape is superior and using it to nurse is so much more convenient.

Water bottle- I don't go anywhere without mine!

Phone/charger- how else will you share baby's birth announcement on social media? ;)

***Car seat installed in car- this will stay in your car but is a must.***


I hope this list helps other mom's find that packing for the hospital need not be stressful or  feel like you're laden-down with "stuff" as the best bundle is the one you get to carry in your arms for the first time after growing for nine months!


 written by VHS contributor// Whitney Smith
Work it Mommy