August 09, 2016

Starting Solids

Kinlee is now 7 months and showing a lot of interest in eating. It's exciting and a little bit sad. I am in the "please stop growing" and drink some milk mind set. I'm a little slower on starting her on food because of this. 
Some people say "food before one is just for fun." But I strongly believe that when a child is ready they will let you know. She is constantly grabbing at my plate and opening her mouth. Getting mad and crying when I refuse to give her anything from my plate. So I gave into her demands and introduced her to some fun foods. Eggs and green beans! She loved both!


Eggs are an amazing solid to start with. They're quick and easy for your little one to mush. Another favorite I have would be cooked sliced carrots. Once again you need something easy for baby to mush in their mouth. A lot of people ask about pasta. It's a food that adults tend to eat a lot of and very quick to make. When introducing pasta be careful! It needs to be fully cooked and cut into little pieces. It is one of those foods that babies tend to choke or gag easily on. Most doctors recommend holding off between 8-10 months for this one. Just remember to have and enjoy the mess!

written by VHS contributor// Tori Rougeux