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May 18, 2018

Summer Drinks Guaranteed to keep Nursing Mamas Hydrated



Okay, Okay, the calendar may not read SUMMER just yet, but as soon as school’s out, it’s sweet summertime in my book. When the temps start rising, beach and pool bags start being filled, and more and more pools start opening up, it’s time to bust out the fruit bowls and fire up the grill. While all of that is fun and great, lets be honest, sometimes plain ole water just doesn’t cut it. I’m the first one to LOVE a big glass of iced water, but even that doesn’t always suffice in the summer heat. Last summer I was pregnant and this summer I’m a nursing mom which means I’m not able to put down the amount of caffeine I did once upon a time. I love all the iced drinks, lattes, coffee, frapps, etc. and now I’ve had to find some alternatives to beat the summer heat, but still enjoy a good drink aside from water. Of course, like many women, I took straight to Pinterest, a few friends, and my personal archive, to find some ideas and here’s what I came up with. Some are tried and true and some have yet to be tried, but they’re on the list because…. YUM! You’ll understand as you read….

This first one isn’t from Pinterest, it’s straight from Jens kitchen….

Homemade Strawberry Lemonade

(Yields 1 Gallon)



1 gallon of water

2 cups of sugar syrup*

8 oz lemon juice


Add to lemonade to infuse:

1 lemon sliced

a few strawberries




*make syrup by adding one cup of water to 2 cups of sugar in a saucepan. Heat on stove until sugar turns clear. Cool then add to lemonade mixture


Coconut Lime Cooler 

(Photo from

This next one is a Coconut Lime Cooler and oh my goodness it looks great! I don’t know about you but anything Coconut screams “beach” and “summertime” to me. I’m sharing because I cannot wait to throw this one in the blender. It’s pretty simple, doesn’t include a ton of ingredients, and doesn’t require 20 steps to make it. That’s my kind of frothy, yummy drink.

Find the recipe HERE.


Decaffeinated Sweet Tea

(Photo AND recipe from


Ya’ll I’m a Southern transplant. I wasn’t raised here, but once I stepped foot on the Tennessee soil back in 2013, I took in all that it had to offer and with that, I became a sweet tea lovin’ gal. I could LIVE off of sweet tea, but unless I want my son to literally bounce off the walls, mama had to replace her Regular Lipton bags (which is what the original recipe calls for), with some decaffeinated ones. There are obviously a million ways to make sweet tea, but Molly's is the one most like what I make. 

Find the Recipe HERE.


***PRO TIP***

My favorite way to carry any of these drinks is by using THIS! Seriously, it's huge. It's cute. It's convenient. 


Infused Water

One of my most favorite things to keep in the fridge, especially in the summer, is infused water. It is seriously the most refreshing thing ever.

Here’s what I use:

Fill a pitcher full of cold water

Add fresh Mint, Ginger, Sliced Lemon, and Sliced Cucumber

Allow to sit for 6-8 hours before drinking


Decaffeinated Iced Coffee

This one is straight from me. I LOVE iced coffee. Let me be honest, I still drink SOME caffeine and some of us who LOVE caffeine, cringe at the word decaffeinated. I usually keep a 2-quart jar of this Iced Coffee in my fridge because at 3PM when I’m wanting Starbuck’s, but not wanting to fork out $4-5 for Iced Coffee, I can get it from my fridge. Also, 3PM is NOT the time to load up on caffeine while nursing. Unless you’re totally okay with your child being up all night which I AM NOT. 

Find your favorite coffee (coarsely ground works best, but fine ground works just fine)

*My favorite coffee here

I make my iced coffee in a cold brew system like THIS (You can also do iced tea in this!)

Insert the filter that holds the grounds and add water, lift the filter until the water seaps out and repeat until the 2-quart jar is filled with water.

Place the lid on and let refrigerate for 24 hours.

*** Mix 1, 12 oz. can of evaporated milk and 1, 14 oz can of sweetened condensed milk. Put in container and store in fridge for up to a week.

Fill cup with ice, use preferred amount of sweet cream and add iced coffee. Stir and Enjoy!


Hawaiian Punch

(Photo and Recipe from

Want something that’ll make the whole fam dam happy and is PERFECT for the Summer party or a fun vacation treat? I found this on Pinterest and it’s called Hawaiian Punch. NOOOOO, It’s not the same as the stuff you buy at the store, well, it is, but it isn’t. It’s got an extra punch…. ;P... See what I did there?

Check out the recipe Here!

Yes, I know, this is a long post! But now there are plenty of delicious summertime options for you nursing mamas out there. I'm so excited to try the ones that I haven't tried yet, especially while laying around the pool this summer.  

What are your favorite summer beverage recipes?