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April 27, 2018

Why Mother's Day Isn't "Just Another Day"!

Whether you work full-time, part-time, from home, or stay at home, we all know Motherhood is the biggest job any of us could’ve ever signed up for. It doesn’t matter if you carried the baby, adopted the baby, foster the child, step-parent children (or bonus parent the child as I like to call it), or just have children under your wing.… you sacrifice EVERY SINGLE DAY for another person.

Easily, just like birthdays, we can get passive about being celebrated. If you’re anything like me, it’s almost hard to let go of pride and humbleness and allow yourself to be recognized for all that you do.  It’s uncomfortable. It’s like the feeling you get when there are 20 people around you singing “Happy Birthday” and you don’t really know what to do with yourself while it’s happening.


But Mother’s Day ISN’T “just another day”. You wake up every single day and give yourself freely to other little (or big) people. You nurse, you bottle feed, you make #AllTheMeals, you run errands, you run to and from sports, you try to remain a good partner to your partner, and somehow…. You try to find some tiny little moment in that 12-hour day that the kiddos are up, to keep your sanity. You worry, you pray, you think, you process, and you research any and everything about your littles. You stare at them, you laugh with them, you sing, you dance, you read, you do crafts, you play outside, and you do everything to ensure they’re as well-rounded as possible. You make your home, you clean your home, you do dishes, you do laundry, you make beds, and the cool thing is you GET to do these things. They’re hard things…. But you GET to do them. It won’t always be like this, mama. It’s a season, not a lifetime. A season that at some point you might really miss.

Blowouts, yep.

Up all night with a teething baby, yep.

Clinginess, yep.

Living on fast food for a week because the kids get out of school at 3 and have to be at practice by 5, you’ll miss that too.

So breathe them in. Hug them tighter. Look them in the eyes. Laugh at their silliness. Rock them longer. You are their world. You GET to be Mama.

For ONE DAY a year, allow yourself to be celebrated or better yet, celebrate your dang self. There’s automatically one day on the calendar every single year that is specifically designated to you being one amazing human being and giving so much of yourself on the reg. Perhaps you just want to spend the day WITH your kids…. Perhaps you want to spend the day without them (no shame, no shame). No gift? Maybe gift yourself. Maybe you snag yourself an adorable Honey from here, while they’re 25% off so you can have something new. Maybe you just want to go get your nails painted in peace or take a nap in a cold, dark, quiet, room. Maybe as a family, you go to dinner or to church and your kids make you homemade cards about how awesome you are. Sheesh, now I’m ready for Mother’s Day as I type this. However you choose to spend it, make sure to allow yourself to be celebrated. Being honored for being as great as you are, isn’t just another day.

By: Joy Johnson
Joy Taylor Johnson