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September 08, 2015

5 Tips to Family Photographs

As beautiful as family photos are, they can become stressful at times...but they do not always have to be!  Here are my 5 tips on making your next photo session less stressful & more magical!


Not all photographers are equal.  The best place to find a photographer is through recommendations of friends and family.  Ask on Facebook or other social media outlets for recommendations. Sort through all of those recommendations by visiting their social media sites, blog & website to find the perfect one for your family.  There are many different artistic photographic styles out there.  Pick the photographer who best fits your stye, budget & location.  I picked Christina Campbell of Eternal Treasures Photography in the Middle Tennessee area because I adored her light, lifestyle approach to photography.  Having our photographs not in a studio but on location was very important to me in my decision on hiring her.  When we talked on the phone to book the session, I knew that we would be a good fit to work with!  It is important to click before they click! ;) Since working with her that first time, we have used her over a dozen times between our family photography and business photography!



With our family photos, I dreamt up what I would consider my dream photoshoot session.  Since I have three boys who do not like to sit down or pose for photos, I discussed doing an 'Enchanted Forest' theme with our photographer.  She suggested a beautiful state park that was nearby.  Photographers are an excellent resource on great locations.  If you want to do a more of an urban city theme, ask your photographer what areas are best for accomplishing that theme.  They might include old brick walls and fun city bridges!  Location is key to a great photo session! 
We love reading to our boys, so we wanted to include this in our photographs. Ask your photographer what props he or she has may have that will work with your theme.  I adore anything vintage, so our photographer brought a vintage quilt for us to sit on in the woods.  I started collecting props of my own as well.  By doing this, you will guarantee that your photo session is unique and one that will represent your family.  I ordered a vintage copy of Robin Hood & his Merry Men.  Because my boys are active, I wanted to get photographs of them playing, but still keeping with our Enchanted Forest theme.  Because we had photos of us reading Robin Hood to our boys, we had photos of our boys acting out the adventures of the book with homemade swords & a handcrafted bow and arrow set!


One of the hardest things to do is coming up with outfits for your family photographs.  Shopping can be really stressful & may be the one thing stopping you from getting family photos done! You already know where you are getting your photographs done, so let that be a jumping point for picking out your outfits.  If you are getting photos taken at the beach, consider swimsuits, shorts or sundresses!  Or maybe your photos will be in the Autumn time so think jeans, layers, hats & cute boots!  In our case, our session was going to be in the forest in the middle of the summer.  Shorts and short sleeves were a must!  Consider coming up with a color pallet.  My favorite color right now is mint.  I shopped around for different shades of the color mint & decided on tan as a coordinating color for my family's outfits.  I picked out clothes that would fit their style & personality.  I wanted their outfits to reflect us as a family! If you are at a loss at coming up with outfit ideas, go on Pinterest and search "Family Photos What to Wear" for an unlimited amount of ideas!
Because we decided on an Enchanted Forest theme, I HAD to wear an outfit as close to looking like a princess as I could. I found the perfect tulle skirt at Shabby Apple and of course a necklace from our shop! I paired it with a casual mint t-shirt as to coordinate it with the casual outfits of my husband and boys.  Take risks & have fun with your outfits!


It is great to be prepared & to have a vision of what you want...but when you get there, get ready to throw it all out the window!  Nothing goes as planned when taking photographs with your family!  My photos may look magical & peaceful, but let me be honest here: we were a mess!  My boys didn't want to smile or pose.  My middle son wanted to be anywhere but in the woods taking the photos....actually his feelings were shared by my husband as well.  Luckily, they did this because they loved me, not because they wanted to do this!  I was talking through my smiles, "If you do not start smiling right now, you will not get any ice-cream afterwards"!  To prove it, take a look at a few photos that weren't so magical: In the photo on the left, the expression on my oldest son's face was like, 'oh gosh, when is this going to be over, my middle son had the look of despair on his face in the middle photograph, and the photo on the right I am snapping at my oldest to stop looking around and my son in my lap is totally not interested in the book we are reading!  I can't even imagine the other shots our photographer took that never made it to the finished photos!!

But the magic of a having great photographer is being able to capture the sweet & non-chaotic moments of the photo session.  Be flexible & open to your photographers artistic eye.  Your position or photo spot may have you raising an eyebrow, but your photographer sees past the surroundings and sees a beautiful photograph in the making! Trust your photographer!

Be prepared for the unexpected as well!  We happened upon two fawns in the woods who made a debut into our enchanted forest theme!  You can NOT plan for that!


Do not forget to have photos taken of two who started your family: you & your spouse!  Yes, it may be uncomfortable to have photos taken of just the two of you, but you, your children and grandchildren will cherish those photographs in the years to come. Request to have your photographer capture the bond & team you have built over the years.  Just because the wedding is over, having your life documented as a couple should not end.  Build a collection of photos of the two of you...give your family something to work with when they are planning your 60th wedding anniversary! ;)

August 31, 2015

Nursing Mama Fashion // Jess's Look

Nursing Mama Fashion


We love everything about Jess's look in this photo!  From her blush top to the sweet bodysuit that her baby is wearing!  We put together a 'Get the Look' guide to help you get this look!  Sometimes its hard to put together a nursing friendly outfit, so we have taken the guess work out & have done it all for you!  We have featured our Tenderness Teething Ring Necklace, which will go great with just about any outfit!  Click on the items below to start shopping for this look!

Nursing Mama Fashion by thevintagehoneyshop featuring long sleeve tops

August 03, 2015

World Breastfeeding Week 2015 // GIVEAWAY

We celebrate every single matter how she chooses to feed her baby. Period. In fact one of us breastfed & the other one bottle-fed her babies (you will find out soon when we share our feeding stories later this month)!  So when we take part in World Breastfeeding Week (actually its celebrated the whole month), we are in no way putting down nor forgetting our bottle-feeding mamas! World Breastfeeding Week is a time to help spread the word about the benefits of breastfeeding & to help normalize it. It is meant to be an encouragement to 'keep on keeping on' to mamas who are breastfeeding their little ones & to mamas who are considering breastfeeding! that we got that out of the way....

Let's celebrate!!!

We are giving away FIVE necklaces from our shop!!!!  Each day we will pick one winner to receive a special necklace from our shop...a gift from us to you!  Entering is soooooo easy, just enter below via raffelcopter!  We will give you multiple ways to enter (as to increase your chances of winning)!  Good luck, y'all!!!

AND....we are having a 15% off SALE thru 8/9!!!!  Use coupon code WBW15 at checkout!!!  Make sure you tell your friends about this sale!!!!! Yay!!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

DAY 1 WINNER: Erin Woitekaitis

DAY 2 WINNER: Chelsie Wiebe

DAY 3 WINNER: Julie Brayden Grayson Taylor

DAY 4 WINNER: Riley R Carlson

DAY 5 WINNER: Jessica Kratzer


July 20, 2015

Our First Polyvore

Its our first {cue gushing} polyvore!  What is a polyvore?  Appearently its this super awesome website that allows you to come up with your dream outfit/items & put them into collage!  We really didn't know what we were doing....and for not knowing what we were doing, we think we did a pretty good job!  Its that easy!!


First Polyvore

First Polyvore featuring tory burch sandals
We loved it so much, we have decided to do more of them!  So keep any eye out for more layouts in the future!!!!
July 17, 2015

Review + Giveaway: Pello, Luxe Floor Pillows

OK, we rarely ever write product reviews. Like ever. But when we come across a product that we love, we HAVE to share it!!!  We came across this ah-mazing baby product recently on Instagram.  Pello is a mama run business that makes luxe floor pillows. They go beyond the standard play mat, positioning pillow, or baby gym. The pello provides comfort and support, promotes muscle development, and encourages independent play!!!  Basically, a dream product for mama + baby!!  This Pello is perfect for the work at home mama (who needs to get some work done, but wants to keep baby close by), great to bring with you to use at your older child's t-ball game on the sidelines, or at home when you are doing the laundry and your baby wants to be in eye of you!

When we saw it, we had to get it.  Wait...we don't have any babies anymore!  What could we possibly use it for??? Yes, its true, our babies aren't babies anymore (why do they insist on growing up?!?!), but our shipping assistant, Jess, has a sweet little baby that she brings to 'work' (we like to think of it more as a shipping party) with her!  Charlie use to just lay on a little baby blanket on the floor next to Jess as she printed labels or hand wrapped some necklaces.  Now, Charlie has a floor pillow to lay in next to mama!

What we love about the Pello is that it has little loops on it so that you can add toy rings onto it to help keep baby entertained!  There were so many choices to pick from, but we decided on THIS one, the Jack pattern.  It was light & fresh...we instantly fell in love with it!

Charlie fits perfectly into the Pello.  We love it that babies can't roll out of it, it helps keep them supported!  Charlie is totally eye candy for us in the shop...isn't he just the cutest?!?!

Pello is so awesome, they want to give a Pello to one lucky winner!!!  So we decided to throw in a necklace of our own into the giveaway!!  This giveaway is valued over $150!!!!  To enter to win, head on over to our Instagram page HERE or just look us up: @thevintagehoneyshop

Hurry, this giveaway end soon: July 19th (this Sunday).  Giveaway open to US residents only.

For more information on how you can order one for yourself, head on over to Pello to order online or to find a retailer near you!

:) Jen & Mel

July 12, 2015

Brand Rep Search

We are looking for our next round of brand reps!! What does a brand rep do for The Vintage Honey Shop? We send at least one necklace a month to a mama of influence for a three month period of time.  This lucky mama will share photos of herself wearing the necklace at least once a month on Instagram!  We are looking for some Insta-mamas (and daddies) who have at least 500 followers on Instagram.  If you (or someone you know) would be interested, head on over to our IG acct (@thevintagehoneyshop) to learn more! Just look for this graphic...

We will be picking our reps by 7/22/15 for our Aug-Oct quarter!  We can't wait to see all of the entires come in!
:) Jen & Mel
June 17, 2015

Seattle Girls Trip

This has been a very busy year for us!  Probably one of the most crazy, hardest & rewarding years of our lives!  Jen recovered from some major surgery, Mel's husband finished law school and passed the bar, we launched a new website and two new product lines, and we helped our kiddos complete another year of school!  Phew!!  A girls trip was in order!  We haven't taken one in a few years (we went to NYC in 2013), so we decided to pack our bags & fly to Seattle for a few days!

We mini-blogged our adventure on our Instagram page we made just for our trip!  You can see all of the photos & videos HERE!  We picked out just a few of our top favs from our trip to share with you here:

Eating at the top of the Space Needle!

When you go to Seattle, you HAVE to visit the original Starbuck.  Its like the law or something! ;)

And when you run out of things to do in Seattle, you hop on a sea plane & take a sky tour!  An amazing adventure!!  

Another must-do/see/experience this is to visit Pikes Place Market!  You will NOT be disappointed!!!  And make sure you pick up a bouquet of flowers!  We suggest going to Pikes Place Market first & buying a bouquet of flowers for your hotel room!  It will cheer up your room & will make you smile!!

We tool a ferry over to Victoria, BC to spend a few days there.  We heard that the whale watching there was the best, plus the city is so beautiful & there are some really neat things to do there!  On our whale watching trip we saw some Orcas, a Humpback, two eagles & some seals!!  One of the best days of our lives!!!

Every night of our trip we spent in the hot tub! was glorious!!!

We did a once in a lifetime high tea at The Empress Hotel in Victoria.  It was an experience we will never forget (we took a ton a pics & a few videos of our tea time)!!

One of the last things we did in Victoria was going to Butchart Gardens.  Very beautiful...but it was a little crowded (don't go on a weekend)!!

And the night before we flew home, we got a chance to meet a few of our fans in Seattle!!  It was a blast meeting honor!!!

To see the rest of our photos and videos, check out our girls trip Instagram page: @vhgoes2seattle

June 03, 2015

Sandy a la Mode // Feature


Y'all.....we are SWOONING over this blog feature from Sandy a la Mode!  We mean, gorgeous is Sandy & her daughter Vivian?!?!  We are in awe of the magazine worthy photos of her modeling our Honey Orchard Teething Ring Necklace! And don't you just want to scoop Vivian up & give her raspberry kisses?!?!



To see the full oh-so-adorable photo spread, check out her will want to because there *might* be a special coupon code (it is for a limited time, so hurry)!!!!


Blog: Sandy a la Mode

Photography: Lorena Rosser Photography


June 01, 2015

Unique Baby Shower Gift


If you are like us, everyone time you turn around someone is having another baby!  We are beginning to wonder what is in the water!!!  We had more baby shower invites this year than a few years combined...yeah, there HAS to be something in the water! ;) Sometimes when you go to a baby shower, you see the same kind of gifts over and over.  You want to give a unique but practical gift to the mother-to-be....something that everyone will 'Ooooo & Ahhhh' over.  Giving a necklace from The Vintage Honey Shop fits all of that criteria! 



As you know, every order comes hand wrapped & ready to give!  It is wrapped with gray tissue paper & a beautiful french pressed paper doily....all tied together with bakers twine and a handmade tag! Each tag comes with a removable bee pin & is handstamped with 'to/from' on the back! You do not even need to buy a card! We never include an invoice, so mom will never know what a steal you got on such a beautiful piece of handcrafted jewelry!  The necklace will include information on the necklace (just in case this is the first time she has ever heard on a teething/nursing necklace) & a business card with a 10% off coupon code for her next order!



Giving the gift of a teething & nursing necklace is very special.  Almost every gift mom will open up at her baby shower will be a gift for her new baby.  But the necklace you gift...that will be for her!  Growing a baby for nine months is hard work!  And as you know, it is hard to be a brand new mom adjusting to the lack of sleep & new body....being able to put on a beautiful piece of jewelry can just make you feel like you are putting on the appearance of being put together (and hoping no one notices the fresh puke spots on your shirt or the bags under your eyes)!



What is great about our necklaces is that they are made for mom....but they are so functional for baby too! Baby can hold onto the necklace while feeding or teethe on it to soothe those sore gums.  By giving a necklace from The Vintage Honey Shop, you are spoiling both mama + baby! For you next baby shower, consider gifting a new-to-be-mama with a necklace from The Vintage Honey Shop!
April 01, 2015

Grand Opening Giveaway

Hip-hip-horray!!!! After of a few years of dreaming & months of working super hard....we are so pleased to announce that we now have our very own website!!! {{toss confetti in the air & release the balloons}}


This is something that we have wanted for a very long time & we decided to take the plunge.  What does this mean for you?  You can expect the same excellent handmade necklaces, beautiful hand wrapped packages & the awesome customer service (if we do say ourselves) that you have grown to love & adore from us!! PLUS we are so excited to offer $5 Flat rate shipping on all domestic orders (so you can load up your cart & only pay a low flat fee)!  AND we are now offering gift cards to our shop <--- we are super excited about that one!!!  You can now print or email a gift card to that special mama in your life so that they can pick our their favorite necklaces!!!


In celebration of our grand opening, we are giving away 7 (yes, we said 7) $25 gift cards to our shop all week long!!!  Every day we will pick one winner (they will be emailed, so keep your eyes pealed on your inbox) to receive a gift card!!!! Yay!!!!


So much excitement...we can barely contain ourselves!!!  Thank you ALL who have loved & supported our handmade business!  You have made our hearts swell with happiness!!!


:) Jen & Mel
p.s. hey, what are you waiting for...enter the giveaway below!!!


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