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August 14, 2017

Lactogenic Overnight Oats

The official countdown is on- I have exactly one month before baby brother joins our family! I am equal parts ecstatic and ready and nervous and preparing all the things. Breastfeeding is always my number one priority after giving birth (I have already spent 3.5+ years of my 6.5 years of motherhood dedicated to this expression of love!) and am gearing up for another two years of nourishing our son.

Since morning times are the most hectic in my household and we all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day, I wanted to focus on making that rush time less stressful by having an easy go-to meal; and these lactogenic overnight oats are just the answer!

Not only are they easy to prepare, just throw everything into a mason jar, you prep them the night before and let the fridge do its magic and the oats soften and the flavors mingle. Even better part? Use the same mason jar to heat and eat from! This can't be easier.  Bonus: all the ingredients in this recipe help produce/sustain your milk production!

Lactogenic Overnight Oats


1/2 cup old fashioned oats

1 fresh or 2-3 dried apricots, diced

1 TBSP honey (a natural sweetener)

1 TBSP flaxseeds, optional

1/2 cup almondmilk or more depending on how thick/thin you like your oatmeal


Layer all the dry ingredients and then top off with almondmilk. Cover and shake to incorporate all the ingredients. Place in fridge overnight and heat in microwave for 1 min (Microwave times will vary) the next morning. Enjoy!


*Oats are a great source of iron, calcuim and fiber. (source)

*Almonds and cashews are believed to boost breastmilk production. (source)

*Apricots are high in fiber, Vitamins A, C, potassium and calcium. (source)

*Flaxseed has phytoestrogens that can influence breast milk production and also contains essential fatty acids. (source)


written by VHS contributor// Whitney Smith
Work it Mommy


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August 10, 2017

Natural Remedies for a Baby's Cold

One thing mama's dread with our precious children is the cold.

We do the best we can to protect our little babes from any harmful germs and bacteria. But there is only so much we can do. When baby catches a cold, it's so hard to help them out because options for medicines are so limited when they're so tiny.

Here are some natural tips and products that's I've applied and used in my almost 5 years of motherhood.

  1. Saline nose drops: the Saline breaks down the mucous and makes it easier for it to be suctioned up.
  • Nasal aspiratior: Babies and young toddlers can’t blow their nose very effectively. So having a good reliable Nasal Aspirator to suction out any mucus is a must have item.
  • A steamy shower and a humidifier: these two things go hand in hand. The steam from the shower and the humidifier loosens up the mucus that may be built up in the chest. This is really great for a stuffy nose. I don’t know if you've ever experienced it, but when a baby has a stuffy nose, it makes for a rough night of sleep.
  • Speaking of sleep, we like to co-sleep whenever our kids are sick. We will open up the playpen or DockATot and keep them next to our bed. Having them close by, you're able to monitor them in case they start coughing real bad, or have issues breathing, or because they're restless and it's a pain to walk back and forth between my room and the baby's room. Plus, extra cuddles makes for a speedy recovery.
  1. Lots of rest. Whenever any of our kids get sick, we try to do as little as possible until they are well again. As an adult, you know that when you're sick, you just love to lie around and be catered to. Same goes for a baby, resting the body is one of the best things you can do.
  • Lots of Fluid. I always try to offer the breast as much as possible, to keep them hydrated! Do you remember as a kid, when you were sick, there was always a bottle of water next to your bed, and your mom constantly saying to drink your water? So if your baby is not of age to drink water, offer breastmilk or formula as much as you can.

And remember, you’re the mama. Trust your gut instincts. You know your baby better than anyone else does. Don’t ever second guess if you should take your baby to the Doctor or not!

 written by VHS contributor// Aseky Bonnaire 
Aseky + The Boys

August 02, 2017

2017 World Breastfeeding Week// BIG giveaway!

On August 1st we take a whole week WORLDWIDE "time out" to celebrate breastfeeding! Why? Because breastfeeding is a big deal! It's a time to raise awareness and support nursing mamas. The Vintage Honey Shop along with Breastfeeding Mama Talk has put together a free and fun guide you will want to {bee} sure to read. You will discover nursing mama MUST HAVE items (and a treat yo'self shopping list ;)!  You will find special coupons from participating shops and "A survival guide for the first 2 weeks of breastfeeding", written by your trusted source for creating confident moms, Lactation Link!

Back to the celebration...It's time for another BIG World Breastfeeding Week giveaway! Cross your fingers because one lucky mama is going to take home over $550 in prizes from seriously the best shops! We're even giving away a free consultation on pumping via skype courtesy of The Exclusively Pumping Mom. The giveaway is being held on our instagram page and is super quick and easy to enter!

To enter > go to @thevintagehoneyshop for details!

Here is the prize package breakdown!

The Vintage Honey Shop// $50 gift card
Fairhaven Health//  1 Milk-Saver & 1 Milk Tray
RubyClaire Boutique// $50 Shop Credit
Undercover Mama// $25 giftcard
Lactalite// 1 pair of Lactalite Breast Pump Lights
The Dairy Fairy// $30 shop credit
White Loft// $50 shop credit
BizyBelle// One BizyBelle Tribal Arrow, Lovey Blanket
Bessie's Best Lactation Cookies//  A dozen cookies
North + Grace// A Just Because Gift Box 
Narra Nest// A baby carrier cover in choice of print
Dwell + Slumber// $62 Shop Credit
Little Sweets Co// $20 store credit
Sarah Wells Bags// "Kelly" greige breast pump bag
Lillemer Products LLC//one pair of lil'buds
Live Sweet Shop// $30 Gift Card
The Exclusive Pumping Mom// fennel oil + free pumping consultation with me on pumping


July 31, 2017

Free Baby of mine nursery wall art printable

Hey mama! We're kicking off World Breastfeeding Week 2017 early with a sneak peak of our FREE nursery wall art printable! This fun Scandinavian inspired design is perfect for both a sweet little girl's nursery or little man's nursery room! Download our free printable, print it on your home computer (or send it to your local printers), hang & enjoy!


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July 19, 2017

Parenting with a Chronic Illness

There was so much information coming out of his mouth, but all I could hear were fragments of what he was saying. I kept nodding to keep up the apprearance that I was understanding what was going on, but all I heard was things like, "you are JAK2 expectancy ten years...chemotherapy...trial studies...bone marrow transplant". The room was spinning. I could hardly breathe. Was I going to die? Will my boys grow up without a mother? Why me?

I needed to get out of that exam room. I needed to breathe. I needed to wake up from this horrible nightmare.

This all happened two years ago, almost to the day. I was diagnosed with a rare bone marrow disease called Essential Thrombocythemia with a JAK2+ mutation (or ET for short...because I didn't already feel like an alien already!) where my stem cells mutated causing my body to over produce platelets which could turn into blood clots. Not good. The day that I found out my mother was watching my boys so that my husband & I could meet with an oncologist. I texted her asking if she could watch the boys for a few days. I knew that if I saw their faces that I would breakdown & scare them. We got home & all I could do was sob. I fell asleep in the arms of my husband crying as he prayed over me.

The next morning we had an appointment with another oncologist that specializes in bone marrow diseases that the other oncologist set up for me. We scheduled a bone marrow biopsy for a few weeks later. For an entire month I grieved. I cried every single day. I wanted to crawl up into a ball & not leave my bed. I wanted to shut down. But I couldn't. I had three boys who needed me. Though time seemed to have stopped, life kept going on around me. Food needed to be made, laundry had to be done. I had to keep moving. My family needed me.

A month later my bone marrow biopsy results came back that other than my mutation, my bone marrow looked good! This specialist believes that since my marrow was in good shape & because of my age that I should live a typical life expectancy! It was like I had been holding my breath for an entire month and I could finally take a breath. He explained that I basically have a form of blood cancer, chronic leukemia, or as they call it 'a happy cancer'. I will live but I will need to be on a daily aspirin & a daily low dose chemotherapy drug for the rest of my life.

OK, I can handle that. It sucks, but at least I'm not dying!

At the time of diagnosis (found with routine blood work), I had no symptoms. They asked me if I was tired or exhausted. I said yes but I thought that was suppose to be normal because I had three boys that I homeschool & run a business (a shout out to The Vintage Honey Shop, woot-woot)! I stayed symptom free for a few months which was great because coming to terms with a chronic disease was more than I could handle. Slowly I began to become more tired. I felt heavy, like there was an elephant sitting on top of me. It was like I was coming down with the flu. You know how your body starts to feel achey? Your bones, skin & muscles begin to hurt? Like all you want to do is crawl into your bed & sleep it off? This is how I feel everyday. Thankfully I have a pill that helps combat those symptoms but there are a few hours everyday that I'm feeling like a truck has hit me before the pills kick in. 

Dealing with chronic pain is hard. Dealing with chronic pain is harder when you have children who need you. There are days when I am laying around all day. On those days we stay in our pajamas, watch Netflix & order pizza. In the perspective of kids it's probably the best days ever. In the perspective of a mother, I feel like a failure.

Do you know what the worst thing about having this disease is? It's not the pain or exhaustion, it's the guilt. While I'm beyond happy & feel so blessed to be alive, I do struggle with feeling like a failure as a mother. I use to take my kids to the zoo, the park, museums. I use to do craft projects with them...I was like a Disneyland mom all the time. I had it in my head that a good mom was someone who did all of those things, so when I couldn't do them anymore because of my exhaustion & acheiness it hit me hard. It broke my heart to hear one of my sons tell a stranger at the store that 'mommy is sick every days'. Is this how they see me? Will they look back to their childhood to remember mommy being sick all the time? It is more than my heart can handle sometimes.

Then I tell myself "Jennifer, you are a darn good mom! You aren't ruining the boys, in fact they are going to look back and see all the things you did with a chronic illness with amazement! They are going to see you as a fighter!" 

If you are living with a chronic illness while parenting it's totally fine...and normal to feel overwhelmed. Parenting in itself is overwhelming let alone doing it when you don't feel good! Here are some tips that have helped me:

•You aren't super mom, so don't be afraid to ask for help! If a friend offers to help you out...don't turn it down! If they didn't want to do it they wouldn't have asked.

•Try to get outside as much as you can. I find that just sitting outside on a park bench while my kids play on the playground is helpful to all of us. I can rest while they play!

•If you are having a bad day physically, declare it 'Pajama & Movie Day'! No child has ever been ruined by wantching movies or Netflix all day with their mama!

•Take a big blanket outside with a bunch of books & have a 'let's lay down and read some books' kind of an afternoon!

•Order out! There is nothing wrong with ordering pizzas or something on Uber Eats! 

•When you do cook, make double so that you can freeze the other half. On days you don't feel good you can pop a casserole in the oven! 

•Do NOT hold your feelings inside of you! Look for an online support group on Facebook. It's sometimes easier to vent to strangers than to your friends & family...especially when they are going through the exact same thing as you!

•Try a new hobby! I've recently been experimenting with painting & needlework. Doing something new helps keep my mind off not feeling good! 

Just know that you aren't alone. You are an awesome mom & your children will grow up stronger for it! How can they not, they have a fighter raising them!!!


July 18, 2017

50 Family Fun Summer Activities

  1. Make s'mores
  2. Blow bubbles
  3. Make chalk paint {equal parts cornstartch and water plus food coloring}
  4. Run through the sprinklers
  5. Have a picnic
  6. Make popsicles
  7. Play hopscotch
  8. Take a bike ride {don't forget the helmets!}
  9. Have a backyard camp out
  10. Go berry picking
  11. Make ice cream
  12. Catch bugs
  13. Go on a hike
  14. Make daisy chains
  15. Play at a park
  16. Make a bird feeder {pinecone + peanut butter + bird seed}
  17. Use that kiddie pool and have a pool party
  18. Play shadow tag
  19. Plant a hummingbird garden
  20. Go geocaching
  21. Stargaze
  22. Play flashlight tag at night
  23. Go bird watching
  24. Collect shells from the beach
  25. Make a tic-tac-toe game from found objects {rocks/shells/acorns, etc.}
  26. Tie-dye a tee shirt
  27. Have a movie night
  28. Discover a Children's Museum
  29. Have a water balloon fight
  30. Make fruit smoothies
  31. Visit a Farmer's Market
  32. Participate in a Summer Reading Challenge at a local library
  33. Fly a kite
  34. Make lemonade
  35. Build a sand castle
  36. Cloud watch
  37. Build a pillow fort
  38. Climb a tree
  39. Have a nature scavenger hunt
  40. Watch the sun set
  41. Go to the fair
  42. Jump rope
  43. Shoot some hoops
  44. Bake cookies
  45. Visit an Amusement Park
  46. Play board games
  47. Learn a card trick
  48. Make play dough
  49. Color and/or draw
  50. Skip rocks across a pond or lake

Enjoy what precious time is left of Summer!

 written by VHS contributor// Whitney Smith
Work it Mommy


July 07, 2017

mommy + me macthing tees

Since 2011 The Vintage Honey Shop has been handmaking and delivering gorgeous and functional teething + nursing necklaces to happy mamas nationwide! And now The Vintage Honey Shop proudly designs and offers Mama Teess.  Sorry, not sorry- we just can't help but show off these adorable mommy + me matching tees today. Because nothing is sweeter than matching with your baby am I right?! How darling is this mama and little man in their "Queen Bee" and "Lil Honey" tees? The design is super cute and the tees are comfy and soft. These tees are perfect to wear any day of the week or even for a family photo shoot. You'll love that the "Lil Honey" tee is gender neutral too!

 You can snag your Queen Bee and Lil Honey tee today! Oh and don't forget The King of the Hive, yes we have a matching tee for dads too! Tag us @thevintagehoneyshop we would love to see your adorable duo or trio too.

Photo credit: thanks to @ericasuee

June 22, 2017

Minimalist Hospital Packing List

This being my third trip to the Labor and Delivery unit at our local hospital (which so happens to have been my place of birth, my husband’s and our siblings and two daughters!) I felt confident packing my bag this go around.

I call this my minimalist packing list as I don't bring "everything and the kitchen sink". I also don't plan on staying longer than a day (or any more than I have to!)

Nursing tank- more coverage and support than those hospital gowns.

Cozy cardigan- a robe or hoodie would work just as well.

Yoga/jogger pants- I forgo the hospital gown ASAP after delivery and found that it makes me so much more comfortable when I'm in my own clothes.

Grippy socks or slippers- no one wants to put their bare feet onto hospital floors (shudder).

Toiletries- toothbrush/paste, facial soap/lotion, shampoo/conditioner, deodorant (and extra points if they're travel-sized!) hair ties, lip balm

Baby wipes- so easy to use and dispose when changing those first sticky merconium diapers!

Going home outfit for you and baby- truth be told I usually stay in my post-birth uniform of nursing tank/yoga pants/cardigan but a maxi dress would be just as comfy! But Baby's going home outfit is a pretty big deal, am I right?

Boppy nursing pillow- this item could technically be left off and regular pillows used but the shape is superior and using it to nurse is so much more convenient.

Water bottle- I don't go anywhere without mine!

Phone/charger- how else will you share baby's birth announcement on social media? ;)

***Car seat installed in car- this will stay in your car but is a must.***


I hope this list helps other mom's find that packing for the hospital need not be stressful or  feel like you're laden-down with "stuff" as the best bundle is the one you get to carry in your arms for the first time after growing for nine months!


 written by VHS contributor// Whitney Smith
Work it Mommy

June 20, 2017

Top 9: Breastfeeding Essentials


When I was pregnant with my first son 5 years ago, I knew I wanted to breastfeed but had no clue what I was getting myself into. I was a clueless 19 year old. I didn't know blogs were a thing, let alone breastfeeding blogs. So I gave birth to my son and jumped into breastfeeding completely blinded. I didn't know what I needed, and what I didn't need.

So with my next two sons after, I was 100% prepared. I knew what I really needed to have a comfortable and successful breastfeeding relationship.

I've gathered up a list of the top 9 things every 1st time or 10th time mom needs for breastfeeding.

1. A Boppy pillow// This saved my back with my 2nd and 3rd son. What I love about Boppy, is that it has the right amount of stuffing in it so it properly supports your baby. The stuffing in it doesn't go flat and I've been using it for 2 years. And not only is it a nursing support pillow, it can be used for tummy time, and when your little one starts sitting up.

2. A nursing bra// This particular nursing bra that I'm showing is a sleep nursing bra. In the early days of breastfeeding, you almost always have to have a nursing pad in because of leaking boobs. This bra doesn't have an underwire, and your breasts are easily accessible for your little one. It's so comfy, you almost forget you're wearing a bra.

3. Coveredgoods nursing cover// If you're not 100% Comfortable nursing in front of people, this thing is a must. This is great when you're in the hospital with your baby and you have visitors but your baby is ready to nurse, you're able to cover yourself and continue to converse with your visitors. Or for doctor appointments, or just any public trip out with the baby. What I love about it, it's not only a nursing cover, it's a car seat cover, an infinity scarf, and a shopping cart cover.

4. Honest Co. Nipple Balm// In the early weeks of breastfeeding, this balm saved me! It helps heal cracked nipples and soothes them as well. I carried this stuff everywhere with me.

5. Lansinoh Nursing Pads// Want to walk around with 2 milk stains on your shirt? No, right? Nursing pads are there to catch any unexpected let downs. It saves your shirts, and bras from leaking milk.

6. Water cup// You have to stay hydrated while breastfeeding. Having a cute cup to hold your water makes drinking it so much easier and fun. Whether it's this super cute tumbler or the hospital cup you bring home with you, you're going to need something portable and with a lid.

7. Vintage Honey Shop Nursing/Teething Necklace// my personal favorite! Right around when my kids turn 4 months, they get very observant (aka NOSEY) and have a hard time nursing in a public setting. With my Vintage Honey Shop nursing necklace, my little ones are able to stay focused on breastfeeding. They grab onto the ring and literally just tug and stare at it while they nurse. Without it, they are turning their heads, un-latching, trying to look at everything else around them. And plus they’re super stylish!

8. Medela Breastpump// It's always good to have a little backup stash for emergencies or a night out with your significant other or some girlfriends. So having a reliable breast pump is a must!

9. Milkmaid Tea// I don't care who you are or where you are in your breastfeeding journey, we all obsess over milk supply. So having a milk tea in your pantry whenever you feel like your supply is taking a dip, is always a good idea. I love this particular brand because it taste really good, and I've actually seen results.

 written by VHS contributor// Aseky Bonnaire 
Aseky + The Boys



June 13, 2017

8 Babymoon Must-Have Items

If you are able to go on a babymoon, DO IT! It’s so easy to get caught up in prepping for your baby’s arrival, but it’s also important to take a step back and enjoy the time you have with your partner. When your baby arrives, you and your partner will rely so much on one another. It’s great if you are able to invest time in each other before your family grows.
I was able to take a babymoon before the arrival of our second baby. We got to explore Victoria, BC which is just a few hours from where we live. It was really special because it was the first time my husband and I had been away for 2 nights without our oldest. We were able to sleep in, have leisurely meals and just walk around care-free. It was perfect.
It was especially perfect because I packed the right things. I knew some of the activities we’d be doing and what the weather would be like. As a seasoned Mom, I also knew what I should take advantage of since I’d be without children.
What to Pack for a Babymoon:

1. Maxi Dresses. As far as maternity clothes go, maxi dresses are key to looking cute and feeling comfortable. They are easy to dress up or dress down. They are perfect for touring around major cities, cruising the tropics, or going out for a quiet dinner.
2. Swimsuit and Cover Up. If you are traveling during the summer or going somewhere warm, you’ll definitely want these. But, you may also want them if you are going anywhere that has an indoor pool, regardless of weather. Being in a pool while pregnant is amazing! Pack a cover up so you won’t have to worry about wiggling out of your clothes at the pool.
3. Sunscreen. It’s important to protect your skin anyway, but it’s especially vital when pregnant. . I love Babyganic's SPF 50 spray on sunscreen because it's not greasy and soaks into my skin. It's also perfect for babies (6 months+) so you can share later on.
4. Skincare Products: If you have a favorite stretch mark cream or lotion, make sure to pack it! I really liked Mambino Organic products because they smell great and felt so good on my skin.
5. Comfy Shoes/Sandals: If you are going on a Babymoon later in your pregnancy, you'll definitely want to pack comfortable footwear. I like FitFlop sandals because they go with a variety of clothing styles and I can walk around all day without getting tired legs or feet. Plus, I didn’t need to fuss with buckles, which can be your enemy when you can’t see your feet!
6. Jewelry: Wear as much jewelry as you can because once baby arrives, you might not be wearing your favorite dainty pieces because babies like to pull on dangly earrings and necklaces. I wore my Vintage Honey necklaces a lot because they gave my maternity outfits a pop of colorful fun!
7. Haircare Products: Bring your straightener, curling iron, haircare product of choice so you'll look extra cute in your photos. This may not be a priority after baby so take advantage while you have the time.
8. Small Purse: You will probably be lugging around a large diaper bag for the next year or more. Carry a small purse while you can!
Perhaps the best thing you can pack is an upbeat attitude! You may be a bit more tired and walk more slowly that you are used to, but if you're able to focus on spending time with your partner and just enjoying your surroundings it will do wonders for you and your pregnancy!


 written by VHS contributor// Marcie Cheung
Marcie in Mommyland