FAQ - The Vintage Honey Shop


What's this craze over buying a necklace from The Vintage Honey Shop all about?

Yes, our necklaces tend to be addictive to wear!  They are made with high quality craftsmanship, they are stunningly beautiful & babies absolutely love them!  They are lightweight, durable & washable....not to mention stylish!  They help baby soothe sore gums by giving them texture and counter-pressure.  Our necklaces are great for the nursing baby because instead of pinching or scratching mama, they play with the necklace making feeding time more soothing for both mama and baby!  If you wear your baby, our necklaces are a must have!  They help keep baby entertained instead of pulling on your hair!  Overall, our necklaces are a great investment  & keepsake for mamas and babies!

What kind of materials do you use on your necklaces?

We use the best materials on the market!  On all of our fabric beaded necklaces we use premium designer cotton fabric, organic wood beads and rings, double sided satin ribbon & a lil dab of non-toxic fabric glue at the very ends of our fabric (where the fabric & ribbon meet).

Do you treat your wood rings?

No, we leave our rings in its natural organic state.  We hand sand every ring to ensure that are smooth to touch.  Any color variation in the wood just shows its natural beauty.  We do not treat our rings with beeswax or oil because we want to leave that up to the parents discretion to do so at home.

Oh no! I went to go buy this beautiful necklace but now it is gone/sold out!  Will you make more??

Yes!  Our necklaces go fast!  Kinda like when you go shopping at Target, if you don't grab it then it will be gone when you go back!  As soon as a fabric is sold out, it goes into our sewing pile.  Since every necklace is handmade & because of the amount of necklaces that become sold out, please allow up to two weeks for it to be back into the shop!

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes!  We ship worldwide on a daily basis!  Most international orders receive their package from us within 12-21 days. We charge you for parcel postage only.  You are responsible for any custom fees that are your country charges for oversea orders.  We can not include this in our shipping costs because every country is different.  This is their fee, not ours.  If you have any questions, call your local postal or customs office for more details!

Can I make a custom request?

At this time we are not accepting custom requests.  What we have available for purchase is what is currently in our shop.

Are there different lengths to the necklaces?

No, all of our necklaces are the same length.  They are however fully adjustable. Because of the ribbon tie back at the neck, you can tie the necklace to make it as high as the collarbone or as low as your breast line.

Do you offer gift cards?

Yes! You can have the gift card emailed to you to print off or emailed directly to the lucky recipient! Our gift cards come in denominations of $25, $35, $50, $75 & $100.

Do you ever have sales?

Yes!  To know the buzz on sales, giveaways or promotions, make sure that you follow us on social media!  Just click on the social media icons at the top of this screen to be directed to them!

Do you sell wholesale?

At this time, we do not.

How can I reach you?

We would love to hear from you!  Please email us at hello@thevintagehoneyshop.com to say hello!