Teething + Nursing Necklace - Dahlia Ring

Swoon Worthy! The colors in this necklace are so gorgeous; lime, lavender, raspberry and deep purple make for the perfect modern statement piece! You get to rock a gorgeous necklace while your baby can teethe on it to soothe sore gums & grab onto it while nursing or being bottle fed.   


  • 60 mm organic wood teething ring
  • Premium cotton fabric   
  • Organic wood beads   
  • Soft satin ribbon closure providing custom lengths   
  • Handmade and beautifully gift wrapped   

    Our designer handmade teething, nursing, & babywearing necklaces are made with the stylish mama in mind! Every necklace is handmade in Nashville, TN with the best materials on the market! We use soft, yet durable, premium designer cotton fabric and organic wood beads & teething rings. We use a soft satin ribbon to tie back our beautiful necklaces, making them fully adjustable. You can wear it as high as your collarbone or as low as your breast line. Our necklaces help keep mama from being scratched & pinched during feeding time and provide relief when teething! You can also wear our necklaces while wearing your baby. Our necklaces will provide a focal point, and give them something to play with and grab onto while being close to your heart. Beautiful, functional, lightweight, & washable... this is every mama's dream necklace!   

    WHAT MAMAS ARE SAYING// Another great necklace from this shop! My 4 month old daughter loves to grab it, bite it, suck on it. It's especially great when nursing or just holding her, because it gives her something other than my shirt or chest to grab at - meaning fewer scratches for mama and less drool marks on my clothes! Also nice for when we are out and about and don't have a toy handy to entertain her. She loves the bright colors of the necklace, so I can take it off and let her hold and play with it (under our supervision, of course) to keep her busy. I like the wooden ring for something extra for her to hang onto. I also really love the pattern on this fabric. It's so feminine and goes with a variety of outfits. -Emily S

    WASHING INSTRUCTIONS // Hand wash in warm water with your favorite soap/detergent, air dry & enjoy!   

    WARNING // Do NOT leave necklace unattended with child. For adult wear only!   

    MATERIALS // We use premium designer cotton fabric, organic wood beads & rings, satin ribbon & a dab of non-toxic fabric glue.   

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